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Known as a business bank. We’re great at home loans too.

Some mortgage lenders make it difficult when you have complex financials — like being self-employed, owning multiple businesses, or holding stock grants. Not CB&T. Our mortgage loan officers specialize in getting the best mortgage for you — that's how we won Best Home Loan Provider for 2021[cite::362::cite].

Qualify for our portfolio loan[cite::334::cite] and get:

  • A 0.125% purchase discount, plus a relationship discount, for up to 0.5%[cite::334::cite]
  • A simplified process that reduces documentation
  • Perfect for any homebuyer, including business owners or those holding stock grants
  • Get preapproved on a variety of mortgages

More savings + less documentation =
The mortgage you’ll love

Two discounts? Yes!

Rates are still near historic lows, and at CB&T you can save and additional 0.125% off our already-low rate on portfolio loans. And that’s just for starters — we also have a relationship discount of up to 0.375%. Double discounts add up. You could take up to 0.5% off your rate! [cite::334::cite]

Get ready to save, on a mortgage you’ll love.

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We deliver documentation relief

We will do our best to reduce your documentation load — especially if you have multiple income streams, and whether you come to CB&T for a Jumbo loan, Adjustable Rate Mortgage, Interest-Only or other home loan.

Expect personalized service: In a quick conversation with a skilled mortgage loan officer, we’ll find out which income analysis method works best for you.

Designed with you in mind

Your financial picture might be straightforward, or it might be complex. Maybe you are self-employed, own multiple businesses or have stock grants.

Whatever your financial situation, you can relax knowing our skilled mortgage loan officers will lead you through the process and deliver a mortgage experience that really works for you.

Apply online in 10-15 minutes

Apply online in under 15 minutes. Then get guided assistance from one of our mortgage loan officers, who will guide you through the entire process. You could qualify for up to 0.5% in discounts[cite::334::cite], and we could dramatically reduce your documentation load.

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Want to talk with someone first?

Contact us at (877) 515-4800, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to be connected to a mortgage loan officer near you.